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Jun 29, 2015

Sohu Auto Meets Modernist MODESIGN Furniture by Chance

2015-6-17, The activity of “2015 Season of Car Shopping” hold by Sohu Auto begins, many cars of different brands shown in the locale .
The MODESIGN Furniture that sparkplug ‘Modern Style of Life’ supports the famous car exhibition with its latest products, forms the scene of encounters of ‘Famous Cars’ and ‘Famous Work’. Fortunately, our journalist has the chance to see all the new products and to interview Xiao Zhang-the GM of MODESIGN Furniture’s Products Division.

J: Hello, Mr Zhang! According to the furniture industry, we know that MODESIGN is an enterprise with a history of 20 years’ production experience, but this time, the attendance of MODESIGN is very low-key, and its style is totally different from former products’ style, could you tell me why?
Zhang: As you mentioned just now, the predecessor of MODESIGN is Beijing Aolong Furniture that was founded in 1995, as the enterprise that enter into furniture industry earlier, we entered into wholesale market with practical and durable furniture combined with wooden boards at the beginning, we got the top one in furniture wholesale market in those years. Later, according to the development of market, we reorganized it to Beijing Century Baiyang Furniture Co. Ltd. ,launched a newest brand-MODESIGN. At the beginning of reorganization, we make High-Standard and Strict-Requirement as the way of development of company, we make our brand positioning be high-end, many senior technicians come together in our company to manufacture Chinese Famous Brand Furniture, so we could be the high-attention and high-credit enterprise in the industry, the clients of Chinese market and Southeast Asia speak highly of us.
J: Well, what role the MODESIGN brand plays in the mid and high grade furniture market?
Zhang: In the face of the development of company, we are not satisfied with the rule of ‘Made In China’, experience 5 years’ brand planning , we put forward three main factors : Promote market standard, Products internationalization, Strategic development project. We confirm the stratagem that take ‘MODESIGN’ as the national brand of ‘Created In China’, take the ‘Modern Style of Life’ as the orientation of our products style.

J: Mr Zhang, in the face of serious market competition, what core advantages do we have to answer the challenges of furniture market?
Zhang: First of all, we integrate international innovative research and development concept, and we have many designers that are experienced in developing overseas and inland furnitures. These conditions insure the bloodlines of MODESIGN: characteristic minimalism. On the one hand, we insist the inheritance and protection of traditional artistry, for example, we still follow the artistry of mortise and tenon joint, pierce through point and batter piling, just to make products more firm, looks more brief. On the other hand, we also take full advantage of process optimization and processing property in annual ring to guarantee the unique core technology that belong to us. In the meantime, we insist on using superior and environmental raw materials, adopt the manufacturing concepts of combining advanced equipment and traditional artistry. All these are the advantages that help MODESIGN maintain the core competitiveness in furniture industry.
‘Act with your heart!’ is one of the enterprise culture that MODESIGN always persist in. It also conforms to the brand culture of MODESIGN: Form arrives as your soul arrives, design in my life!Thank you!