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MODESIGN Furniture sincerely seeks national partners

What's the economic key word for 2020: Set up a street stall? No, it's called outdoor business for young people.

What consumption won't be compressed in 2020: buying furniture, wrong, it's called "young people have to live in a different way.".

What will make money in 2020: Earn what young people are willing to spend, and why? Be willing to "spend".(The ""spending money" referred to here also means a credit product in China that is used to promote consumption)

aimed at young people in the 80s and 90s, the industry first proposed three lifestyles, a light luxury attitude, young people Like, MODESIGN can help you find a "fashion life" here

How to solve the four major problems of joining the furniture industry

I don't understand furniture, I have no experience

MODESIGN new media promotion + sales design training + business landing support, let you easily become a boss.

I don’t know how to customize, I don’t know how to design

MODESIGN virtual reality software visualizes and places orders quickly, making customization as easy as possible

The product does not have quality assurance, and the customers do not like it

MODESIGN furniture has 25 years of R&D and production experience, 8 years of brand accumulation, and all own factories

Similar industries have lost money, and they dare not use funds anymore.

The furniture consumer group born in the 1980s and 1990s is the target customer, with mid-to-high-end positioning, brand protection, and small investment returns.

Brand positioning + business school support

Independent R&D team guarantee

Environmental protection is paramount, 25 years of production experience, seven processes to ensure quality

Supporting six home spaces, integrated production of stereotyped furniture + software + customization + wall panels.

"Eagle Nest" Business School Guidance and Support

Acquire customers through multiple channels, easy to get started

New media marketing brand support, both parties participate in marketing to ensure the effect

Many events are planned throughout the year to promote transactions, eliminating the trouble of marketing methods

Multiple channels for sales promotion (e-commerce platform display + offline sales + live broadcast promotion), multiple channels help transactions

Business personnel can go to the franchise city for support, no longer waiting for customers

Small investment and quick return

Youth positioning gains fast, don’t worry about the degradation of social spending power.
Small investment, fast return, no need to take up a large amount of capital, fast recovery of invested capital.
Product upgrades do not increase prices, and subsequent income is guaranteed.

Six dimensions of soft decoration design methods, easy to get started

One attitude to life, three lifestyles, the six-dimensional soft decoration system teaches you to easily do star design

Virtual reality software can easily place orders, product design and order effects can be seen with eyes, and orders can be placed without using multiple software

Be the first to compete for the special rights of partners and enjoy unprecedented high subsidies. Come on, what are you waiting for? Waiting for a vacant seat, MODEDSIGN is looking for partners across the country, looking forward to your joining...

Free access to franchise information, Free VIP professional guidance

Cooperation Process

Select target market
Application for joining intention
Store confirmation
Qualification assessment
Market investigation
Perform the agreement
Contract payment
Signing cooperation agreement

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