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Minimalist life, light luxury life attitude

MODESIGN advocates the relationship between furniture and people, a minimalist lifestyle, and a light-luxury lifestyle, which touches the six dimensions of life senses, realizes the harmony between product design and home, and uses seven advanced technologies to ensure product quality to meet the requirements of use. Customers provide minimalist, entry lux style overall home solutions. As one of the fast-growing companies in the minimalist entry lux home furnishing market, we are committed to the R&D and innovation of minimalist entry lux products, pursuing cost-effectiveness, and multi-channel sales cooperation to meet the user-centric minimalist entry lux style home service needs


MODESIGN furniture is Italian minimalist entry lux style, finished furniture + customized in the overall home brand, focusing on minimalist, entry lux furniture for more than 20 years of research and development and production experience, the industry first designed and proposed three minimalist lifestyles, An entry lux lifestyle, a combination of six series of spaces: living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, cloakroom, leisure function room (audio-visual, balcony, sun room, call, gym, etc.), which can be combined according to the size of the room And customization to meet the individual needs of customers.

Seven Product Craft

Wood grain treatment process

Before coating the veneer products, we used a special process to make the wood grain more prominent, the texture clearer, the wood three-dimensional feeling stronger, and the color richer

Invisible door handle

In order to achieve the best visual effect of the product, MODESIGN adopts the technology of oblique cutting, disconnection, inlay and other technologies, and with the reinforcement of the door panel, the handle is invisible, and the handle is cleverly combined with the product line decoration. The design is very strong. Because of the reinforcement technology, it is not only beautiful in appearance, but also strong and durable.

45° diagonal splicing production method

The 45° cutting angle splicing technology makes the structure firm and stable, not easy to deform; the appearance is neat and condensed, the joints are integrated into one line, and the section is extremely slender, which minimizes the complexity of visual perception, pure and elegant, and makes people enjoy relaxing in the home environment With freedom, it better reflects the minimalist product style.

"卍" font structure

Some products adopt the swastika splicing process. In appearance, the edge of the product is simple, the structure is clear, the contact points are many, and the lock shape is formed, the structure is firm and stable; the internal plate connection points are in the shape of a swastika, and the outline forms a strong cohesion and soothing Relationships give people a kind of structural beauty.

Thin edge treatment

Through process calculation and chamfering technology, the door panel and cabinet body have been reduced without reducing the thickness of the material, making the joint more slender and beautiful, making the product appear more artistic and minimal in front of people At the same time, this design greatly increases the robustness of the product.

Outer edge chamfering process

The edge of the tabletop is processed with an edge chamfer of ≤30°, milling, the visual processing is thinner, and the line feeling is stronger.

Tenon and tenon spiral texture process

It is a concave-convex structure connection method used on two components. The protruding part is called a tenon (or tenon), and the concave part is called a mortise (or tenon and groove). In order to increase the firmness, a spiral can be made on the dowel. Effectively control the twisting in all directions. In the previous period, we blended Chinese and Western aesthetics with artistic standards for product design. From product angles, shapes, and materials, we reflected a simple and bright artistic beauty.

Six-dimensional soft decoration planning

That is, from the six dimensions of usage scenarios, home usage habits, storage characteristics, hobbies, fashion preferences, and perceptual characteristics, the customers and product characteristics are organically combined to provide customers with a more considerate overall soft decoration design.

Usage scenarios
Home posture
Storage features
interese hobby
Clothing preference
Perceptual characteristics


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