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The two killers of the home environment regarding health


The most common causes of excessive formaldehyde are tumor diseases, respiratory diseases such as nose cancer and lung cancer;
Excessive formaldehyde is harmful to the blood system, it can cause leukemia, like some current childhood leukemias;
Excessive formaldehyde harm can cause fetal development to stop, slow down, and cause developmental disorders of fetal heart, lung and brain functions, and even cause miscarriage and malformations.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. in paint can easily damage hematopoietic function and induce dysplasia

Harmful gases are always in the room

Time to eliminate harmful substances

8-12 years for formaldehyde, at least 3 years for benzene, toluene and xylene

Source of harmful gas

Excessive formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body, but the wood contains a small amount of natural formaldehyde, but it is very small. The human body, the air you breathe, the beer you drink, the apple you eat, etc., all have a certain amount of formaldehyde, and trace formaldehyde can be harmful. ignore. VOC exists in wood lacquer and evaporates slowly through gaps. Formaldehyde in furniture mainly comes from board

One meter line of defense

The safety distance for people is one meter, and VOC (formaldehyde, benzene) gases are mainly active within 1 meter from the ground, and this range just covers the main breathing area of children. Therefore, children are more likely to suffer formaldehyde damage than adults.

a living room

The sitting height of the sofa in the living room is 400mm-450mm, and the position of the nose and mouth is less than 1 meter


The bed is 400-450mm high, less than 1 meter, and one-third of the time in bed every day.


The dining chair is 400-450 high, and the sitting posture for eating and drinking is 1-1.3 meters.

Study room

book chair 400-450, reading sitting posture about 1 meter

In the cloakroom

the amount of board is at least doubled, and the height of the seat cushion is about 1 meter.

Leisure function room, (gym)

large amount of activity, fast metabolism, large amount of inhaled formaldehyde, the height of sitting down and resting and the height of the leisure chair are closely related to one meter

MODESIGN has been working hard to maintain the health of one meter away

Formaldehyde emission standards comply with CARBII standards, the most stringent international standard system at present

High solid content: The highest solid content of ordinary baking paint is 95%, and the solid content of MODESIGN uv paint is 99%, which effectively reduces the volatilization of harmful substances and dust pollution during use.

Two levels of control, double guarantee

material control, imported plates. Strategic cooperation, source quality inspection

Automatic painting production line: rapid prototyping, minimum solid waste, no dust during use. Traditional baking varnish, hand spray paint, volatile dust during use.